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UPDATED - Phone Lines Now Restored

Posted on: May 20, 2022
important information alert

UPDATE - 11:58 AM May 20, 2022

All LM phone services have been restored as of 11:58 AM. If you need to contact your student's building via phone, you are now able to do so.

At this time, no Little Miami school building is able to make or receive external phone calls. If you need to contact your student’s building to report an absence, please email your building or building secretary. A follow up notification will be made when phone lines are restored and buildings can once again make and receive external phone calls.


Please see below for a list of building email addresses.

LMHS - [email protected]

LMMS - [email protected]

LMES – Brittany Crandall – [email protected]

LMPR – Rashmi Dinesh – [email protected]

LMECC – Laurie Fisher – [email protected]

Central Office - Shelley Martin - [email protected]


Please email [email protected] with questions.