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25 new teachers join Little Miami

Posted on: August 9, 2017
Photo of new teachers

Little Miami has rolled out the welcome mat to a group of 25 new educators for the 2017-2018 school year.

From preschool to Air Force JROTC, these teachers will be leading classes across the district. A new teacher orientation was held on Friday, Aug. 4 and featured a bus tour of the district, information sessions from administrators and lunch prepared by the food service department.

The newest LM staff members are: David W. Dillon, AFJROTC, LMHS; Kathryn Dupps, speech and language therapist, Salem and Butlerville; Lauren Kajfasz, language arts, LMHS; Todd Kalsey, language arts, LMHS; Laura Kirkendall, intervention specialist, Salem; Danielle Krause, preschool, Salem; Eric Lawson, intervention specialist, LMHS; Lindsay Lyons, 7th grade, LMJH; Suzanne McBrayer, 6th grade, LMIS; Lydia McWilliams, intervention specialist, LMHS; Stephanie Mentrup, 5th grade, LMIS; Sally Moher, 4th grade; Christinia O’Neill, 7th grade, LMJH; Chaz Peterson, AFJROTC, LMHS; Cody Rosenbalm, language arts, LMHS; Nora Souders, preschool, Salem; Morgan Thompson, 1st grade, Butlerville; Michele Trapp, intervention specialist, LMJH; Craig Wolfe, 7th grade, LMJH.