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Little Miami COVID-19 Headquarters

In coordination with recommendations from the Warren County Health District, ODH, and the CDC, Little Miami Local Schools will be adhering to the guidance proposed in the Warren County Schools Common Reopening Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year. As recommendations change, Little Miami Schools will adjust to coincide with guidance that will best ensure a safe & successful school year. 

Little Miami Schools coordinates with & receives regular COVID-19 updates from local public health officials. This page will continue to be updated, as guidance from the CDC, ODH, and Warren County Health Department adjusts. 

Quarantine Alternative Pilot Program

Little Miami Local Schools recognizes that keeping students safely in school, in-person, five days a week is vital to the health & wellness of students- a goal that remains a top priority for the district.

To achieve this goal, Little Miami Local Schools will be participating in a COVID-19 Quarantine Alternative Pilot Program, known as “Ohio Test and Stay,” that provides an alternative option to at-home quarantine for students who are identified as direct contacts of a positive case of COVID-19 at school. This pilot uses mask wearing and frequent testing to keep healthy students in school & keep sick students at home.





Mask/Face Covering Guidance

  • Masks/face coverings are strongly recommended, but not required for all LM students
  • Masks/face coverings are required for staff members when unable to maintain social distance from students.
  • Masks/face coverings are required for all LM students & staff members while riding school buses.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Disinfecting materials (wipes and cleaning solution) should be present in each classroom.
  • GermStop disinfection service will continue to be applied to all LM buildings every 30 days.
  • Hand sanitizer will be present in each classroom.
  • Classroom desks will be disinfected once a day.

Classroom & Facility Guidance

  • Classroom seating will be spread out as much as possible.
  • A current seating chart will be maintained to assist with contact tracing.
  • For students opting to wear face coverings, procedures should be in place to permit mask breaks.
  • Water fountains in all LM buildings will not be operational. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school. Water bottle filling stations will be available throughout each building.

Visitors & Volunteers

  • Prior to the beginning of the school year on September 7th & 9th, visitors and volunteers are approved.
  • Once instructional classes begin on September 7th & 9th, no volunteers or visitors will be permitted in any LM school building for the first quarter of the school year.
  • The visitor & volunteer policy will be reevaluated at the end of first quarter & adjusted according to current COVID-19 data.

Daily Self-Monitoring & Illness

  • Students and staff are encouraged to do a personal health check prior to coming to school.
  • Stay home when not feeling well.

Learning Contingency Framework

  • 100% in-person learning returns & is the preferred method of instruction.
  • Blended Learning Plan remains in place. Lack of staffing, high number of COIVD-19 cases & quarantines may result in the utilization of the remote learning plan. At any point in which student absences rise to 10% or more at a building, remote blended learning may be implemented.

Quarantine Guidance & Info

  • Please see linked documents below for quarantine timeline & information.
  • At-home COVID-19 tests will not be accepted as a method to reduce quarantine.
  • If a student is masked  they will not be quarantined.  
  • If a student is unmasked, they must follow the 3 feet of physical distance rule in order to avoid quarantine. If an unmasked student is within 3 feet of a positive case for 15 minutes or longer, they must quarantine (even if sitting in the classroom).

LM’s Legal Responsibility to Follow Mandates

Little Miami is focused on serving our families & continues to do due diligence to seek answers to important questions on difficult topics. After the August BOE meeting, the district sought legal counsel on quarantines and isolation requirements. The following is the legal advice given to the district:

“For the legal requirement to follow the orders, ORC 3707.16 sets forth your requirements to follow the quarantine/isolation orders of the health department. Districts are mandated to exclude those under order of isolation/quarantine. If the district does not follow this mandate, any liability protections for the district and its staff could be removed as the district would not be following the legal requirements set forth in the ORC.” 

Little Miami Local Schools will continue to work with other public school districts throughout Warren County, as well as the health professionals at the Warren County Health District to develop a more refined quarantine process, with the focus of keeping more students in school.

Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure Flow Chart

COVID-19 Fact Sheet - Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings