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New Members "Tapped" for National Honor Society

Posted on: April 13, 2022
students tapped on shoulders with lightsaber. Names of new nhs members listed

We are thrilled to announce the newest members of the LMHS National Honor Society! This morning, current NHS members welcomed new members into the group with a "tapping" ceremony, presentation of membership cards, and a rubber duck for their “in-duck-tion.” Congratulations to all new members on this impressive honor!

Halle Anderson

Brooklyn Bronner

Bryant Bronner 

Kyle Campbell

Timothy Carnahan 

Gracelyn Collopy (senior)

Caidynce Daugherty

Ayrton Dowden

Jessica Dunn

Molly Eldridge 

Elizabeth Gastrich

Kendall Gentry

Faith Goddard 

Bethany Gray

Rebecca Holmes

Sidney Hunter

Alton Jester

Kaitlyn Kaylor

Gabriella Kuetemeyer

Priya Kumar

Geoffrey Lewis

Luis Daniel Lopez

Abigail Marks

Emily Marlow

Jade Mielke

Brooklyn Niemeyer

Benjamin Oeder

Abigail Oliver

Madison Panno

Logan Pettet

Benjamin Poole 

Jacob Poulin

Isabeau Quyn Price

Carter Reynolds

Gavin Roberts

Margaret (Maggie) Schepmann

Ethan Smith

Sydney Stevens

Nolan (Zee) Thrush

Anna L. Trimble


Jessica Voge

Celeste Warren

Alexis Waters

Paige Whitaker

Isabella Wilkerson

Isabella Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Taylor Woodruff

Aidan Zawodny

Paige Zimmerman