About LMMS


As the students transition through their Middle School experience, Little Miami provides students the opportunity to become better tomorrow than they are today through excellence in education. Students and staff collaborate to maintain strong relationships within the school and the community through team teaching.

Principal    Ryan Cherry    [email protected]
Asst. Principal    Travis Showers [email protected]
Asst. Principal    Elyse Parker    [email protected]


Building Beliefs and Values
  • Safe & Secure- We believe in creating the safest and most conducive learning environment possible, where outside elements and problems are sealed off when students enter the building and education is their top priority.  
  • Technology- We believe in providing every student and staff member the ability and opportunity to use current technology in their coursework and other life experiences.
  • Grade Level Transitions- We believe the transition phase of school plays an integral part in student development and that our job is to make sure the transition process is communicated effectively to the student and parents.
  • Communication- We believe in developing different methods of communication for students, staff, and parents to maximize awareness of student achievement.
  • High Expectations- We believe in stressing our high expectations on a daily basis and encourage our students to have a positive attitude and a desire to always put forth their maximum effort. We believe these practices will develop our young learners into productive, responsible members of our community.
  • Family Atmosphere- We believe team teaching creates a close knit atmosphere with family values and high expectations.
  • Extra Time/Extra Help- We believe in providing our students the extra time and help they need through our "Bringing up Grades" and "Project Pass" programs to ensure academic success for all students.
  • Guidance and Career Exploration—We believe in a comprehensive guidance program that provides proactive programs to meet and enhance developmental needs, as well as, reactive programs when interventions are needed, regarding academic, social-emotional, and career counseling.
  1. Examine building emergency plan and look for ways to improve our school environment to create the safest and most secure learning environment possible.
  2. Strive for "Excellence" through support and implementation of high quality standards based instruction.
  3. Create a building curriculum for guidance and advisement that ties into the MMGW(Making Middle Grades Work) philosophy and is centered on career education.
  4. Continue to develop and promote our transitional programs involving parents and community members as key stakeholders in this important process.