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Board of Education

Photo of board of education

Board Members(from L to R) David Wallace, Wayne Siebert, Bobbie Grice, Mary Elmer & Diane Horvath


The board believes that it is the responsibility of the school system to ensure that each graduate is college and career ready.

To these ends, an environment of high expectations and opportunity shall be created that fosters scholarship and citizenship and develops within each student the ability to become a productive and responsible member of society.

The Board of Education typically meets the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Little Miami central office. For more information, please call (513) 899-2264.

Core Beliefs

Little Miami Board of Education, staff, students, parents and others will operate in ways that support and demonstrate the following core beliefs:

  • Academic excellence
  • Safe learning and working environments
  • Quality facilities for quality learning
  • Fiscally responsibility
  • Adherence to all state and federal requirements

Responsibilities of the Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of five citizens who are elected by a nonpartisan ballot and who each serve a four-year term. The Board functions as a policy-making body and establishes goals to:

  • Concentrate the Board's collective effort on its policy-making and planning responsibilities;
  • Formulate Board policies which best serve the educational interests of each student;
  • Provide the Superintendent with sufficient and adequate guidelines for implementing Board policies;
  • Maintain effective communication with the school community, the staff and students;
  • Allow those responsible for carrying out objectives to contribute to their formation;
  • Conduct Board business openly, soliciting and encouraging broad-based involvement in the decision-making process by public, students and staff; and
  • Periodically review its performance relative to the goals.

Superintendent's Role

Superintendent of schools is employed by the Little Miami Local School Board of Education to carry out policies and to administer the district's educational programs. The superintendent is responsible for curriculum, staffing, evaluation and other educational services. The superintendent is not a member of the board, but reports all information to board members.

Treasurer's Role

The treasurer is employed by the Little Miami Local School Board of Education to administer, in cooperation with the superintendent, the financial and legal business of the school district. The treasurer is not a member of the board, but reports all information to school board members.