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“Nothing in This World So Sweet As Love”

Posted on: February 13, 2021

This Valentine’s Day, we want to take time to share good news about people and talents that warm our hearts. Little Miami sixth grade teacher, Ms. Cindy Wilmes is one of those sweet teachers who shines not only in the classroom, but also in the community in which she lives. As a life-long resident of Loveland, Cindy has grown up admiring the cherished “Valentine’s Ladies,” who represent the wholesome spirit that exemplifies Valentine’s Day for many.

Wanting to spread some joy & creativity amidst such a challenging year and eager to participate in the many annual Valentine’s activities celebrated by the City of Loveland, Ms. Wilmes entered the Valentine card contest debuting her artwork of a bicycle carrying love letters. Little did Cindy know, her inspiring artwork would be chosen for the 2021 Loveland Valentine Card!

Ms. Wilmes shared that when coming up with the design for her Valentine card, she was inspired by the Loveland Bike Trail, a landmark she calls “the heartbeat of the community,” and the place that she credits for her love of her hometown. Just as the bike path gets a rider from Point A to Point B, Loveland is just a pit stop along the route from Cincinnati to Dayton, bringing many smiling and upbeat faces to the town she so adores.

This year, while Valentine’s Day may look different in our classrooms, Ms. Wilmes wants to encourage others that there is “nothing in the world as sweet as love.” Do something special, no matter how small, to show another person how much you appreciate them. Little Miami is so proud to have such a sweetheart among the ranks of our talented and dedicated teaching staff! Congratulations on your beautiful artwork Ms. Wilmes!

If you would like to purchase a copy of Ms. Wilmes’s beautiful card, visit various businesses in Downtown Loveland, including: MRCA Office, the Loveland Post Office beginning on February 1st, MILE42 COFFEE, the Loveland Kroger, Busy Bee Boutique, Trailside Provisions, Lemons and Limes Boutique, Blume, Alley’s Boutique, and Hometown Cafe.