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Counseling and Mental Health Supports at Little Miami

Tier 1 Mental Health Supports

School Counselors


Support the emotional needs of students as they relate to accessing the academics. Our counselors run support groups, meet with students individually, monitor student 504 accommodation plans, create student schedules, assist with college and career planning, and assist in connecting families with needed resources. Our school counselors act as our ‘front line of support’ when our students are in crisis.  


  • Brittany Stultz – Little Miami Early Childhood Center
  • Madison Schafers – Little Miami Primary School
  • Sean Grever – Little Miami Elementary School
  • Raegan Malblanc – Little Miami Elementary School
  • Sarah Fox – Little Miami Middle School (6th grade)
  • Andrea Wall – Little Miami Middle School (7th grade)
  • Stacey Copeland – Little Miami Middle School (8th grade)
  • Ashley Brown – Little Miami High School (Last Names A – C)
  • Birttany Murphy Little Miami High School (Last Names D-H)
  • Todd Barnhart – Little Miami High School (Last Names I-M)
  • Jared Flanagan – Little Miami High School (Last Names N-So)
  • Brandy Stith – Little Miami High School (Last Names Sp-Z)

Tier 2 Mental Health Supports – Crisis Support, assessment of needs, monitor and mentor students as well as transition students back from out of district placements 


Mental Health Consultants    

  • Crystal Allred – Office at LMES (Serves grades PK – 5)
  • VACANCY(will update soon) – Office at LMMS   
  • Meredith Reuscher – Office at LMHS
  • Amy Anderson – Office at LMHS


Central point of contact for all mental health services as referred by the district for triage. Assesses and determines appropriate services for each student referred by the school counselor. Provides mental health consultation to administration, staff, and families served by the district.  Provides district wide crisis intervention services and monitors the students in the district with the highest level of needs and severity of symptoms.  Completes referrals for individual therapy for students that require a treatment plan with our partner agency. The MHC is also available to provide consultation and professional development to staff in order to improve the support and management of students with mental health concerns in the academic environment. 


School Based Prevention Services

Prevention services are designed to promote positive mental health, provide early identification of psychological and social problems, and reduce the risk factors associated with school failure.  Prevention services are often short term and provided to a targeted group of students for a specific concern.  During the course of the group a referral for more intensive services may be indicated and brought to the attention of MHC for appropriate placement.


Examples of these groups include: Self-Esteem and Changing Families

Tier 3 Mental Health Supports – Therapy for students with more intense needs and/or a mental health diagnosis


Case Management Service

Case Management is an ongoing individualized service that is implemented with greater frequency, intensity, and duration than prevention services.  These services focus on addressing, resolving, or improving the management of identified “here and now” problems.  Students will work with a case manager to reinforce coping skills and strategies they are learning in therapy in order to manage their symptoms and/or the challenges they are facing in daily life.  This service functions as an ongoing support to students, and can be administered at school or at the center.  Although case managers may offer advice and suggestions to clients, their primary role is to facilitate in assessment, care planning, care coordination and advocacy for individuals and families requiring special services.  


Mental Health School-based Therapist

Provides individual therapy services to students on a case-by-case basis, as determined by building administration, and Mental Health Consultant.  Mental health therapy services are the most intensive ongoing MH service provided within the district.  Therapy services require greater participation from the family, lead to the diagnosis of a mental health disorder, and require the development of a treatment plan.  Therefore, these services are much more individualized and occur at a deeper level than other services. 

Outside Agencies

When the school counselor or building administration (PK-12) identifies a specific need, we have partners that we can utilize that are no cost to the district.

  • Kinship Care and Therapeutic Mentoring for Parents through Beech Acres
  • Grief counseling - Fernside